Starting Point Senior and Family Resources is dedicated to providing trustworthy, guidance, information and education, that is non-biased and based on your loved ones unique care needs.


As your private consultant our first priority is to be an advocate and help you through your unique situation of understanding and finding the right information to help your loved one get the best care possible . Whether the goal is to age in place, reside at a residential community or simply looking for next steps, we can help and bring you peace of mind and options that will best fit your needs.

We listen to understand your current care need, long-term living-goals and work through any barriers that can be foreseen.  Together we determine the direction in which to start.  Consulting Services start with a one on one interview to determine if we are a good fit for you. It is up to you where we go from there.   It may be you are in need of guidance and resources to continue your process on your own; or your situation may be a bit more complex, requiring you to be quickly versed in an industry requiring more time than what is available.

​​We are advocates and educators first; We believe in transparency of services.  Unlike a free consultant or a free senior living referral service, we do not hold contracts or take money from any facility, agency or service we may recommend you too.  We make recommendations based off of my expertise, your need and the facility or agencies ability to meet that need. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Jennifer Garner-Kizer

Liz Irish


Starting Point Senior and Family Resources



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