What does a Senior Services Consultant do?

I help navigate through your complex situation of understanding and finding help and helping you figure out the next steps so your loved one gets the best long-term care possible and still meet their long-term living goal.  I work independently for you.  I  help provide a starting point, evaluate and understand your needs as well as your loved ones specific needs, access to resources, information and education pertaining to aging-in-place and finding care communities and down-sizing. 


Why would I use Jennifer Garner Consulting when there is a free service that can help?

I save you time and money!  I provide a one on one service with a large source of vetted resources, services and agencies to meet your individual need.  Unlike free referral services and placement agencies, I do not hold signed contracts or collect monies from any facility, agency, or service.  This allows me to make recommendations based on your loved ones care needs and the ability for any service or community to meet that need, without the underlying obligation of filling a contract.  I advocate and work independently for you ensuring you understand all of your options and how to appropriately access them by providing you with education of the industry, questions to ask and what you need to know.


How do you get paid?

I work and advocate for you!  Services are offered on a fee base rate determined on the level of involvement you wish for me to take in helping you navigate your unique situation.


How do I get started?

Contact me and let’s chat.  Once you determine you want to work with me and I can help you, the process will start with a 2 hour consultation that will identify the needs of you and your loved one, identify the options available,provide information to start your search and determine the level of involvement you wish for me to have.  


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